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In today’s industry, most of the rope companies talk about tip weight and tip control, yet almost every rope manufactured has a natural backswing.

What is a backswing?

The backswing comes about when the rope is fed while pushing against your hand, which causes the tip of the rope to get behind you.

When does it cost you?

Most of the time anyone can catch a good steer, but it costs you when you draw one that you have to change the speed of your rope. If you have a backswing, the tip of your rope will get behind you causing you to split the horns or rope a leg. In lieu of the backswing, we coil our ropes so that you will have complete control allowing you to change the speed of your rope while controlling the tip. Tip control results in more accurate delivery, reducing split horns, and wave offs. DON’T LET YOUR ROPE CONTROL YOUR SWING, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR SWING WITH A SUTTON ROPE. Just put our ropes to the test, we guarantee you will be happy. This is why we have the highest winning percentage in the industry.