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“I have been using Sutton Ropes for a year and attribute all of my success in 2015 to the Dream Catcher and the Lightning Head Ropes.  These ropes are extremely durable, and have held up when others fall apart.  These ropes are hands down the most balanced and reliable rope on the market; they stay straight.  Sutton ropes have allowed us to win in adverse situations during ranch rodeos, jackpots, and rodeos.  I feel lucky to have a Sutton in my hands and would never compete or practice with anything else.  Perfect ropes for any situation.”

Ben Collins

“As the new year is well underway, I encourage everyone to give Sutton Ropes a try.  I switched rope companies and have had great success and am very happy with the consistency they have.  Sutton Ropes have helped me be more competitive and win at high school rodeos, amateur rodeos, as well as USTRC ropings.  I am very grateful to Gary and everyone at Sutton Ropes for producing such a high-quality product. ”

Jase Staudt

Hi, my name is Brodi Jones. I recently won a truck with my most favorite ropes. I have been with Sutton ropes for the last 6 years. I usually rope with the neutrino lite but have tried and love them all.. The neutrino lite has an awesome feel but also has enough body to stay open. I also use the supernova these ropes are a little heavier rope but have a soft feel and have lots of body. The rope I used in the truck roping I had used on several steers before and at the roping I roped 40 steers and I am still using it 🙂  I would like to thank my sponsor Sutton Ropes for providing me with these great ropes and help keeping me on the trail.

“I would like to thank Gary for introducing me to the Sutton Ropes. I ran into Gary at Las Vegas WSTRC finals, as I came by his booth he asked me what I like in a rope. I was curious I told him, as he dug threw his ropes, I thought to myself here’s another rope I will use one time and put on the shelf. I was wrong, Gary handed me a Lighting 4 strand, it felt good.. I roped the dummy with it , felt even better. Gary talked to me for several minutes about how they made there ropes. I bought one, as a typical roper I didnt use it at the finals. I waited tell I got home. Needless to say I did’nt do good with my old rope. Soon as I got home I took that new rope out and went to using it. Took it to a local jackpot, won a check. I called Gary that next Monday and ordered some more and got my boy a couple. My son fell in love with Sutton Ropes, we both use them everywhere we go. As of July we have been using Sutton Ropes for 7 months and together we have won more ropings this year than the last two years. We have qualified for the WSTRC and won the #9 Red Dirt Classic in Oklahoma. Thanks Gary and the crew at Sutton Ropes for helping us take our game to the next level.”

Patrick Mccormick

I have had great success this year all ready. First roping of the year i was 5th high call at star m productions, and knew we had to make a good run to win it. With the supernova lite thats no challenge it pulled threw and we where 5 in the short. I ended up winning $1050 a buckle and the saddle. I won 1st and 3rd at my last junior rodeo, and currently leading the team roping. This weekend i entered “wrapping up a cure”, which is a annual roping held to raise money. I won the second round and split a thousand. I feel like it was a blessing to become part of sutton ropes and would like to say thank u again”

Dax Stokes


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